Metalend Finance


The Metalend team has a long roadmap and vision for the protocol.

v0 Release

Estimated release: February 2022
This release is has basic functions for lending and borrow. Use at your own risk and do your own research.
The point of this release is to:
  • Announce the launch of the Metalend project
  • Bootstrap liquidity for: XSGD and XIDR​
This release is built on top of Compound Finance smart contract which has been battle-tested in the wild.

v1 Release

Estimated release: Q2 2022
The primary goals of this release is to enable community management of the Protocol and start the Metalend token incentives. More details about the tokenomic will be released before the v1 launch.

Road ahead

After the v1 launch complete, Metalend will focus on expanding the reach of the protocol.
Things to look forward to:
  • Integration with other DeFi protocols and services
  • Polygon deployment
  • Add wider range of collaterals
  • Add additional stablecoins to the Metalend protocol
  • Metalend token listings on exchanges
  • Enhance governance portal
  • Aggregate on/off ramp integration
The roadmap above are some of the high-level areas the core team is concentrating on, but it does not mean it will be the only things you will see. We're all hard at work to innovate and build a protocol that serves everyone.